Can I delete the Secure Access software?


I just bought a bunch of the 16GM Ultra flash drives to offload all the pictures that are all over my hard drive.  I don’t need to password protect my photos, just need the max space to store them.  Can I get rid of the software that came on each flash drive without rendering them useless?  This is my first exp. using a flash drive.  Thanks, in advance for your help. 

Can I get rid of the software that came on each flash drive without rendering them useless?”

You can, and you may.  :wink:   Just delete the files and folders no need to format the drives.

Thanks Ed!  You’re the bomb!  Have a great day.

Thank Ed! Have a nice day !

where are the files on the local drive?  I searched the drive for secureaccess and all that came up was a prefetch file. I have this icon in the middle of my screen and can’t get rid of it.

the files are not on your local drive. they are on the removable disk for the flash drive only. 

Sounds like someone didn’t safely remove the USB drive.  Does the icon go away after a reboot?

I would like the flash drive I have just purchased to use for photographs, but not sure what the software is that pebbles_the_cat is referring to. Can anyone explain please, thank you

The software is named SecureAccess. When the flash drive is plugged in a user is prompted for it’s password to access the software to save or retrieve files stored it it’s secure vault. Good for saving files that you don’t want others to see should they get access to the flash drive; resumes, tax information, pictures of boyfriends, etc. Not good for saving all files. imo

Thanks ed_p I find I cannot look at photos individually with this particular flash drive. I have a file with 5 photos in, but cannot look at them all at once. I imagine that this the same for all SecureAccess flash drives, if so I need to buy a standard flash drive where I can look at the photos individually

Also, as pebbles_the_cat mentioned and you have answered them on how to get rid of the software that came on each flash drive. Can you talk me through exactly how I would do this please. Thank you

If you can not look at photos individually it implies, to me, that you have them stored in the SecureAccess vault. If that is the case and you want to keep these photos you need to retrieve them, one by one, and resave them to your hard drive before deleting SecureAccess.

Once the photos are backed up you can delete the SecureAccess software by plugging the flash drive in, then opening a Windows File Manager, viewing the flash drive in it, then delete all the files and folders you see on the flash drive. Should be about 5 or 6 if I recall.

Then use Windows’ Safely Remove option to remove the flash drive. The drive is now just a fast flash drive. :slight_smile:

Thank you ed_p, I managed to delete as instructed and yes I now have just a flash drive to use. Not very techi so just bought this pack of 3 flash drives, didn’t know what the SecureAccess was all about, now I know to avoid.

Thanks again

I’m new her and new to flash drives. I have some with Secure Access and they work fine (I’d rather not have, it though), but with one of them I am unable to copy my files from it? Does anyone know why? How can I fix it?