Cache reset error on ExpressCache 1.3.0

Just got my first "cache reset’ warning using ExpressCache 1.3.0. Please tell me this is a one-off & not a continuation of the 1.2.1 problems?!

I think you linked something you shouldn’t have:P

Did your cache drop to zero?

I find if a harddrive is misbehaving/failing it will trip up the cache, whats the smart status for your drives?

Sorry… Here’s the correct image:

Well I guess the drive dropped from full to 23GB?

Was your cache full or always at 23GB? Did this happen just after you launched the software or after a reboot?

It never quite fills up, so always somewhere between 23-29GB used. I think it reset after a reboot.

Can you try to reboot again, and write down the cache value before and after reboot. Thanks.

Does it go back to 0GB when you get the message or just from 29 to 23?

I’m just in the process of backing up my system. I’ll reboot & post the values once complete. From memory, the cache didn’t reset to zero after warning message appeared.