c240 Skipping, Wonderful Customer Service

I just want to thank SanDisk for wasting a day of my time on a couple of lemon c240’s.

The product skips like crazy, and every solution that the Dehli All-Stars come up with worked for 10 minutes, before it started skipping all over again.

Flip the hold key, and press the play and power buttons and download this and install that and reformat four times by three different methods that all ended in the same result.

The product is junk, and the customer service was worse.

Terrible phone connections, hold times, bad hold music, and absolute lies.

“Someone will send you an e-mail in 24 hours.”

"The supervisors are all in a meeting.’

“You would need to speak to a level 2 customer service representative. I cannot transfer you directly. Let me put you on hold while I get that number.” <Hold> … <Disconnect>.

“A supervisor is available, he will be calling you back in three to five minutes.”  That was twenty minutes ago. I’m not holding my breath.

Thanks SanDisk, now not only will I never be doing business with your company again, but I can share my experience with my friends and family over the holidays.

I apologize for the experience you have faced in dealing with SanDisk customer service, there is no reason any of this should have happened the way it did.

We have attempted to reach you to perhaps reach a resolution or replace your player if need be, but it appears you would rather not go that route due to your current customer service experience. Once again, I apologize for the run-around and hassles you have experienced. If you feel you would like to re-open your case and perhaps reach a resolution then feel free to reply to your ebox or perhaps send me a PM.