The c240 SUCKS

I purchased this in November of last year, i wanted an mp3 player and thought it was cute and less expensive than the ipod not even a year later and it does not work …it freezes each and every time i turn it on, i have to remove the battery to un freeze it and it often takes 4 or 5 tries before it actually turns on not frozen…i even get a screen that says the screen failed to load…WHAT after less than a year and it hasn’t fallen in water or anything of that nature… i tried to upload songs and it removed the other songs that were there…so i uploaded and it said just 16 songs when i try to upload more it says system full which makes me think the other songs are still there but are not being recognized by the stupid player… i bought it and a 1 gig card for the slot… i wish i had just spent the money on an ipod but i will not make that mistake again…IPOD TOUCH here i come…

Have you tried contacting SanDisk Technical Support (866-SANDISK)? The device has a one year warranty, and they can replace it if they cannot fix it.

i had contacted them when it first started giving me issues and they were unhelpful now that it completely stopped i’m going to call again. Thanks

Have you tried formatting the player???
This procedure will erase all the data fo the player. Then reload the files again and check if the player is normal.