Brand new Sansa Fuse+ will not turn on

Brand new Sansa Fuse+.  Never used.  Opened up the package this morning, plugged it in to charge it for three+ hours.  Everything looked fine - can access the Fuse via my PC, access files, etc.

I unplug the Fuse player from the USB cord and all I get is a dark screen.  I have tried pressing the on/off button.  I have tried holding the on/off button down for 30 seconds, releasing, then pressing again quickly.  Nothing.  I get zero response.

Plug the unit back into the USB port, everything seems to work fine.

Any suggestions?

I think I may have found the solution after reading other threads.

It appears that Windows7 Home Premium may have a problem(?) charging these units?  I was plugging into a USB on my PC, but even though the Fuze+ was showing “connected”, and even though I could access all internal files, etc, it apparently wasn’t charging…

I just connected my Fuze+ to a wall charger (for a different product) and it is charging and showing the battery as being completely drained.

So much for charging via USB!

The Fuze+ can indeed be charged via USB connection to your computer. Try a different port, or if using a laptop, make sure it is plugged into AC power first. You might also try jiggling, wiggling or pushing the connector in a bit further, both at the Player and the computer end. It appears as though it is making a data connection, but not a charging connection.

But I don’t think Win 7 has anything to do with it.

There is indeed a bug with Windows 7, in that the computer never shows the actual charge of the battery when in MTP mode. Normally, if you right click any MTP player, and select properties, the charge level will be shown in percentages. However, with Windows 7, it always shows 0%. Perhaps this is the bug you read about?

However, despite this bug, it has nothing to do with whether the device is actually charging. If you plug it in, it should charge regardless of which OS you’re using.

If all else fails, reset it by holding the power button, usually for 10-15 seconds, although 30 seconds or more might sometimes be necessary. If that fails, try switching USB cords. If you have any smart phone other than the iPhone, it will probably use the same cord as the Fuze+. Otherwise, you could try returning the device to either the store you bought it from, or to Sandisk, and see if you can get a replacement unit.