Brand-new Clip+: phone jack is bad and sound clips (?) terribly

I just received in the mail a new Sansa Clip+ (4GB) from (Rakuten, these days) and there are two problems:

  1. Mini phone plugs (I tried 2 of them) do not fit properly into the Clip’s jack. The plug can be inserted, but it feels too big (too much friction), and there is no ‘click’ to tell me that it is in the right location. It works, but there is something obviously wrong with the jack.

  2. When the volume is up any higher than about 2/3 of the range, the music suddenly stops and is replaced by a strange repetitive noise, very un-musical. It sounds somewhat like severe clipping is taking place.

This is my 2nd of these players. I got this 2nd one because the 1st is having trouble with its home-fixed up-volume control, and I decided I needed a backup. The mini plug that won’t fit in the new Clip+ fits as it should in the 1st one.

Suggestions would be appreciated.

it sounds like the headphone plug isn’t fully inserted. When Sandisk players are new the headphone jack is very tight and a bit of force may be needed to get the headphone plug fully inserted.

You’re right! I had already applied a lot more than a bit of force to get the plug inserted, but doing it over and over again this morning finally resulted in the “click” I was looking for, and lo and behold, the god-awful clipping/distortion stopped as well! 

Now to get RockBox on this baby…

Thanks again.