Bizarre: SanDisk Ultra Fit flash drive not working in ASUS UX330UAK laptop

So I have a strange problem. I have an ASUS Zenbook UX330UAK. I also have a SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB flash drive. They don’t play nice. My zenbook doesn’t register the device at all. Not in device manager, disk management, or bios. I do feel a little bit of heat from the drive if it’s in for a few minutes. The strange part is that the drive works in every other computer I’ve tried it on so I know it’s not the drive. The stranger part is that all my other flash drives, which are SanDisk, work on my laptop in both USB-A ports. Tried updating all the drivers and software, nothing. Tried safe mode, nothing. Formatted the drive in exFAT and NTFS, nothing. Reinstalled the USB Controllers, nothing. Deleted the SanDisk registry entries, nothing. Talked with ASUS support, useless. Open to suggestions!!!  :)