Looking for a new "Sandisk X110 SD6SP1M-128G 1002" SSD"

I sent a support query to Sandisk yesterday, and they did reply. But the reply did not address my questoin at all. It was a very defensive reply in my opinion. I have restated my question this morning and an hoping for an informative answer this time. 

In the meantime I wonder if anyone else outthere can answer. No luck with Google searches, etc… Below is my Q and Sandisk Reply…

My Q:

“I have an ASUS ZENBOOK UX301LA with a single " Sandisk X110 SD6SP1M-128G 1002" SSD. I want to upgrade to 256GB. I can’t seem to find any more new 128GB drives matching the one I have. Can you suggest any other Sandisk of either 128GB or 256GB SSD units that will be compatible with my ultrabook?”


The SanDisk SSD you are inquiring about was bundled with your machine you bought from ASUS. SanDisk end user retail warranty does not apply for this SSD. All warranty support and processing for this SSD is handled by the manufacturer. Please contact your manufacturer to resolve this issue.

My re-reply:

Hello Dexter,

Thanks for getting back to me, but I don’t think you answered my question al all.

I’m not looking for any warranty or support (my OEM Sandisk 128GB SSD works just fine)

I simply want to know if Sandisk sells a 128GB SSD or 256GB SSD that I can install into my ASUS Zenbook UX301LA.

It’s simply a yes or no answer. If no, end of story. If yes, please supply me the SSD model numbers so I can purchase the product from an Australian supplier.


…so am I asking too much of Sandisk? I will ask ASUS next, but I would have though Sandisk knows their product spec better? … and what product has the same form factor so can be a replacement product??

PS. I see many similar SSD iunts for sale with one small difference… instead of the " 1002" at the end, the model is " 1022I". Not being a techie, I’m curious if this version will fit.

Thanks in advance.

It seems the SSD you are asking about is an OEM only SSD. When manufactures sell SSD to a host manufacturer such as ASUS many times there are firmware modifications specific to the host manufacturers platform. Additionally it is not likely sandisk retail support would have all the information regarding OEM devices since these devices are not supported by the retail support team. Your best bet will be to contact ASUS directly and see what they recommend. 

I replaced my “Sandisk X110 SD6SP1M-128G 1002” SSD" in my Asus UX301LA with a Transcend 512GB 60mm M.2 SSD.  It works great.  You can get it from amazon.  They also come in 256GB, you need to make sure that it is 60mm version (form factor).