Sandisk U100 - new firmware 10.56.01

Hello Sandisk team,

I have find out one firmware update is available for SSD model U100, version 10.56.01

Unfortunately, Leonovo is supplying the update only for their computers (bootable ISO, see this link to Leonovo support page).

Where can we find this SSD update ?

Sandisk SSD toolkit indicates my firmware 10.51.02 is the latest one available (model SanDisk SSD U100 252Gb).

Any changelog available as well ?

Thanks a lot for your help ! :smiley:

This is an OEM SSD. All FW updates for OEM SSD are provided by the host manufacturer. If you purchased this SSD from a distributor or something like that there is no FW update available. 

Thanks for the answer.

So should I contact Asus or you mean every OEM has its own specific firmware ?

–> forget to mention I got my SanDisk SSD U100 with my Asus UX31A laptop… :wink:

if you got the SSD with the laptop from ASUS you would need to get the FW from ASUS

I have contacted Asus.

They proposed me to send back my laptop to one of their repair center in order to proceed to the SSD firmware update… What a joke ! :confounded: