can someobody direct me to the firmware update section? I cannot find where or if sandisk even provides firmware updates on their ssds. usually you’d find tools and firmware updates on their forums or under their support/downloads section.

according to one of their reps on chat, sandisk does not provide firmware updates for their ssd products. their ssd series are sold ‘as is’ items and no current or future updates are required. i find this real strange as most manufacturers of ssds provide firmware updates and tools for their ssd line of products. as new fixes and patches come out, these tools provide a means to resolve any exisitng problems and/or enhance performance. i’m not ‘knockin’ on the performance/reliability of sandisk’s ssds but for future ssd purchases, i probably would go with a different competitor as they provide additional tools and support for their ssd products.

the rep was partially correct i suppose. Currently there is no firmware upgrade available for the products they have released. from what i understand sandisk does plan on releasing a toolkit and possible firmware updates in the future however they ahve not confirmed what products would get the updates. 

They need to start provding info on firmware updates, SSD’s have a history of firmware issues and continue to have them. Sites like tomshardware are already a little reluctant to delve into sandisk SSD’s because of the lack of info on support for firmware updates.

While the sandisk ultra SSD was a good value ($126 for 120GB), to many tech sites, the uncertanty around the support of the SSD puts it rather low in reviewers to do lists.

Hi Taipan. May I ask on why you need a firmware update? usually, it is needed if there’s a bug on the device and requires updating. 

So far, this device works well. 

@kuerten wrote:

So far, this device works well. 


May I ask exactly how long you’ve had one?