Before I punt this clip back to Best Buy

It will not play songs now. Everything appears normal, but it will not start a song. The screen will shuffle through, but the timer doesnt begin and the song wont play. It did work properly for the first two weeks. I tried the reset, and I havent downloaded any firmware or such. Honestly, I dont know much about it. Any ideas?

The IDENTICAL thing happened to ours today! It has also worked fine since Xmas. What gives?

What are the chances of the same thing happening to both of you?  TO add to the coincidence, you both registered on the same day and made your one post to the same thread!

You give little detail to work on.

I suspect we registered on the same day, and under the same thread, because we were experiencing the same frustration with the same new device.

Details: actually, the 1st poster described it exactly. When trying to play music, all looks normal on the screen – artist name, name of song. At startup of device, the last song one tried to play is onscreen but in “hold” mode. Upon pushing play, the “play” arrow appears but the song doesn’t begin to play –  timer doesn’t start to tick down. It as though the whole device has entered a “hold” mode which I cannot unlock.

Extremely frustrating, as it was a great little gadget for over a week.

I know it’s simple but just to be sure:  the left side control isn’t in the hold position by any chance, is it?

Perhaps the song you are trying to play is corrupted? Is it mp3? If it is protected WMA did you transfer it in MTP mode using Windows Media Player? You could try forcing the player to rebuild the directory by connecting the player in MSC mode and deleting the file mtable.sys on the player. If this doesn’t work, you should try updating the firmware. Does the battery indicator show the player has plenty of power?