battery always low after firmware upgrade to 01.01.20


I upgrade the sansa clip (2GB with radio) to this firmware using the drop firmware file to the root directory of the clip.

I then disconnected it and it rebooted, did the upgrade and database rebuild.

I looked at the menu and it indeed said that the version is 01.01.20.

Then it started saying all the time that battery is low and turns off.

I tried charging it for a few hours but this doesn’t help.

It just turn on for less that 10 seconds and turns off, all I can see is a battery low error and the battery with a cross on it.

How can I revert the version? I tried the method with starting it and holding the on button for 10 seconds but it just dies before resetting.

Please help me as i really liked this player before this problem with the upgrade.


I hope updatin’ to the firmware to ver. 01.01.29 helps you

To “revert” the firmware, you simply apply the earlier version .bin file.