Automatic sync is only available for external memory?


I am using Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 7 with an 8 GB Clip+ fitted with a 32 GB memory card. The USB mode is set to MTP.

I have set up automatic sync in WMP for the externeal memory. However the option to “Start sync when device connects” is greyed-out for internal memory.

Am I doing something wrong?


Why are you using MTP? Do you have protected files? If you don’t use protected files, then it would be less problematic to use MSC mode. If you are syncing to card memory, then the internal memory is ignored. 

I also suggest not syncing, but instead copying and pasting folders of files to the player. Syncing sometimes produces unexpected results.

Thank you for your very quick reply.

No, I don’t have protected files. I am new to the player and just setting it up. I thought that MTP would be a convenient way to go, with automatic syncing of auto playlists taking care of any alterations I might make to those playlists. If MSC is a better way to go, I will use that.

If you have time I would like to ask some related questions.

May i ask why MSC is better?

I had intended to use syncing as it has worked well for me on my other player. Howver, that player has proprietary software. With the Clip+ I have already noticed that the folder structure is strange, and that selections for songs and artists don’t always produce the desired result. I guess that is what you are referring to, at least in part?

I expect that manual syncing would produce similar results?

If I drop folders directly onto the player is it possible to create playlists for those folders?

Thank you.

I’ll leave matters to the sync gurus–I’m an old-fashioned drag-and-drop/copy-and-paste guy.

As to MTP mode–I agree with you, it sounds attractive.  But there can be glitches with it, unfortunately, including its renaming of files–yuck.  In contrast, MSC mode just works and is easy to use.  And pretty much everything that you can do with MTP mode can be done with MSC mode, apart from the play of DRM-protected files such as some library items (if you need that, stay with MTP–or, I guess, switch when you need it).

Recommended that you clean away whatever user files you have on your player placed there under MTP mode, set to MSC mode, and reload your content.  (Reason:  your computer can only see the files on your player that were put there under the USB mode that you are now connected to your player under.  Hence, a good reason to use a single USB mode and not switch, as well as not to use the “Auto” mode which indeed can switch between USB modes, without your knowledge.)

Thank you for the information.

I will experiment and see how I get on.


Two other free programs can be used to make Playlists in MSC mode (and others as well, but these are good). I’m not a playlist maker, so I’m not sure if they can hop between internal and external memory, but Google around and you can find out.

Media Monkey:

(The free version is fine. If you want to install mp3 ripping you can do that by replacing the free version’s limited-time mp3 codec.

and Winamp, deceased but still available: