Manual Sync Problems with Windows Media Player 12

I use WMP 12 to sync my music files to my Sansa Clip+. I am having problems recently. If I try to sync a large number of files, the manual sync only completes on a fraction and reports status “stopped” on all other files. I end up crashing WMP 12 if I try to sync those files again, or a different set of files, or close WMP 12.

I should note that I have a very large (40 Gigabyte+) collection of music files, and manual sync is my preferred method to choose files to load onto the Sansa Clip+. I also have a 32 Gigabyte microSD card loaded.

Any advice is appreciated.

Instead of syncing files, use Windows Explorer to copy and paste folders of files to the player, and to the card in the player. Syncing is often unpredictable and problematic.

What you might be doing wrong is trying to sync a large number files to the player’s internal memory. You need to sync files separately to player’s internal memory and to card memory. When connected to a pc, the internal memory and the card memory are seen as totally separate. When you are using the player, then the internal and card memory are seen as continuous.

I just drag and drop–syncing under WMP (or otherwise) so often seems to just lead to problems . . . .

Sync stinks! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have exactly the same problem, it stops at 12% on a 17Gb collection. I am working on it, will let you know if I make progresses