Audiobook Problem

I use the overdrive media console to download audiobooks that i check out from my library. The program can also transfer these audiobook files to my Fuze for audiobooks with that allowance in their licenses. For a while it worked perfectly, but recently whenever I transfer an audiobook file, I can listen to the first two tracks, then all the following tracks display a red message saying “connect your player to your computer to listen to your audiobook” or something like that. It’s not a problem with the computer program, since it transfers audiobooks to other players just fine, so I guess it’s something wrong with my Fuze. The only other thread on this forum with the same problem was with someone using Audible files, but these are different, so I’m not sure it’s just with Audible. Please help if you can! Thanks!

I have the same problem. Are you using MSC or MTP setting on your player. I’m currently using MSC and everything transfers but my message after the first two chapters is I have to renew the license.

You need to use MTP mode for protected files to properly transfer the licenses. I know MTP mode is a pain, but there is no other choice for protected files.

How do you get the computer to recognize the Sansa Fuze in MTP mode?  Mine doesn’t see it at all.

Do you have Windows Media Player 10 or 11 installed on your pc? If not, then you need to install it. If it is installed, then you may need to uninstall it and reinstall it.

Did you ever find the solution to this problem???

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