Audiobook library listings disappear

The listings of my audiobooks have dissappeared from the “Audiobook” folder on my purple 4 GB  Sansa Clip device.  Their icons have also disappeared from the folder for audiobooks when the device is plugged in to the computer.  Refreshing the media does nothing to bring the listings or the icons back.

Likewise, the books downloaded from no longer show in the device area of their Audible Manager program.

The capacity indicator shows the device to be full to 3.6 gigabytes, but I can neither access nor erase the books.

Can anyone tell me how to bring the listings and icons back, or just erase everything and start over.

The two short books and a few mp3 files I’ve added since the library disappearance do show up and can be accessed, but they don’t account for 3.6 GB.



They may have expired. Have you changed the date/time on the player recently? You may need to re-authorize the player with Audible and whoever your other audio book source is.

Thank you. 

I have the exact same problem.  The date doesn’t fix the problem.  Can some one help?