Disappearing Audiobooks

Hello, I had quite a collection of audiobooks on my sansa clip. They were there two nights ago but when I went to listen again last night, they are all gone. Anyone have this problem or know what may have happened? Thanks! Wendy

Are the books still there if you look at it on the computer? (Look in both USB Modes: Settings->System->USB Modes)  If they’re still there, maybe the database got corrupted and needs to be rebuilt (force it to “refresh your media” by adding/removing something on the Clip).

The only time I’ve had anything disappear “unexpectedly” was when my son was playing with a Clip and asked “umm… maybe I should have asked first: what does “Format” do?”

Go to settings/sytem settings -> system Info -> then check audiobooks. If it says 0, then possibly that the player has been accidentally formatted of the the files has been corrupted. Also check if the audiobook shows up on the computer. Then we can try and adding one audiobook file, unplug the player then let the player database refresh, checked if those other songs missing will shows up.