Audiobook Chapter Skip

I have just purchased a Sandisk Clip Sport. I have installed the new firmware.

When listening to audiobooks, each chapter starts where it was last listened to, rather than starting afresh. I find this feature irritating and would like to turn it off. The manual says that I can turn it off by pressing the menu button and selecting “Chapter Skip”. However, this option is not actually present on the menu.

Any ideas, please?

I am a little confused by this post. You have to be the only person in the world that does not want the audiobook to resume where you last left off. 

As far as I know you cannot turn off resume. When you are listening to an audiobook and pause it and then go to a different feature like music when returning to the audiobook the player will ask you if you want to resume or start over. It only asks you this if you first go to a different feature. If you stay in audiobooks it will not ask you to resume or start over. 

I agree with drlucky and am thrilled to hear the Sport still supports this feature.

Am still hoping to get myself a Sport… there don’t appear to be m/any Sandisk mp3 distributors in Cape Town.

I don’t know if it will help, since I don’t use chapter skip, but the latest version of the manual explains how to set chapter skip on or off on page 23:

  1. The following options are available during playback by pressing the Options button:
    • Speed: Select between normal, fast or slow.
    • Chapter Skip: Select between off or on whether you want the book to keep its place when you skip between chapters.
    • Delete Audiobook: Select between yes or no to delete audiobook from the player. Deleting audiobook from player will not permanently delete the content from your computer.

The Options/Scroll down button is accessed during playback by using the “down” direction on the main four-way control button.

Whether this is what you want, I couldn’t say.

I don’t get the 3 options when I try to set resume. I dont get chapeter skip option. I cannnot get resume when I stop and start . I have to choose a chapter then I get an option to resume. this is not help as I have to remember the chapter I was last on.

worrysome at badly designed Audiobook reading is in sandisk sport. . I got reply from customer service by so complicated I can’t follow with my level of skill. Tried to download update but would not open as supposed to. The thing is I had sandisk before for audiobooks and it worked fine. It finally locked up on me and I bought this one. I can’t stop a book and go back later and resume where I stopped. I have remember chapter . I can pause and turn off and start again with pause and it picks up. If I charge it the refresh afterwards  loses my place and I have to search for where I left off.I am not going to worry anymore about this . I will use it for  FM  radio and buy something for Audiobooks. Still I wonder why a company that sells these things all over the world would release something as flawed as the Sport and have no way to correct it.