Audiobooks on Sandisk Clip Sport Plus - mising next chapter option, file position


At this point I’m using third generation of Sandisk mp3 players.

However this new one is missing some of the features that were introduced later into Sandisk Clip Sport, in particular:

-pressing once forward button moves to next audiobook instead of next chapter

-It doesn’t remember position except for most recently open audiobook

Above two in combination mean that position is quite easily lost due to accidental push of button(which tends to happen not all that rarely), and seeking back to it, especially with longer audiobooks, is rather painful and time-consuming.

Are there some options I’m missing maybe?

you can press and hold the back arrow button to enable the key lock to prevent accidental key presses.

as long as you pause the file before you turn it off or play something else it should ask if you want to resume the next time you play it.