Going Downhill

I’ve had lots of Sanddisk products and have loved them.  But each new generation seems to be going downhill. Older Clips would register all my audio books whether internal or SD card (I use a 16gb). Sport only recognizes internal books. SD play like music: no speed, etc.

Also, it refreshes on every start.  Old Clips remembered what chapter and time I left off. Now I have to write it down when I shut down so I can find my place next time. It’s very annoying, however, that it does remember where you’ve left off in a chapter. So when you’re scanning around trying to find where you left off, it remembers that and when you’re listening to the book it will skip over anything you’ve heard.

I have to fight with music - always telling it not to play random.

The clips are a great little idea – much more convenient than a phone. But every generation gets farther away from common sense and makes you fight with it.

My defense of the Clip Sport.

1.  The Menu system includes access to the micro SD card [CARD].  The Card menu includes access to BOOKS. The Books menu includes access to Audiobooks and Podcasts. The player will display any audio files in these subfolders in Books mode (with ID3 meta data) and also using FOLDER mode.

  1. There are multiple settings for Shuffle On/Off.  The player remembers the Shuffle setting across multiple sessions.

     -> Settings -> Music Options -> Shuffle

     -> Music -> Shuffle all (and under Artists, Albums, Songs)

     -> Card -> Shuffle under Artists, Albums, Songs

     -> Option Menu (while playing a song) -> Shuffle

  1. You can use a File Manager to delete any incorrect audiobook / podcast positions by manually deleting the *.pos files.

I think the audio quality, small size, clip-on convenience, micro SD card access and modest price outweigh my short learning curve to enjoy all my Clip Sport(s).

Thanks for your reply.  Some helpful hints.

I didn’t say I hated it.  Just miss things they used to do better/easier.  Like someone said of MS Office: “I can still do what I used to do; just takes longer!”

  1. Thanks for the mention of the Card menu. I took someone’s hint and changed from a 32 to a 16 SD and the card menu started working.  (Nothing showed up under Card Menu on the 32.)  But the Books menu is still internal and separate from the Card.  On previous Clips Books & Music menus displayed all titles whether internal or external. Maybe that works better for some situations. Folder menu treats books as music - submenu has no speed control, etc.

  2. I found the sub menus for shuffle. I don’t “shuffle” so it’s no biggie.

  3. I do use my file manager to delete POS files and other things.  I tag mp3’s well.  I just find it odd that Clip rememebers where I left off on every chapter, but not where I left off listening to the book.

My Clip has it all over a phone for size & price.  Just my “wish list” it they bring out a new version or firmware.

Thanks, again, for your help.