Audio Problem

I am having a BIG problem with my 8G Fuze.   A week or so ago, i was getting a steady popping sound, so i read thru some of the posts and suggestions (such as, a loose jack–which wasn’t the problem).  Then, the audio went off altogether (the device is “playing”–there’s just no sound).  I loaded up the newest firmware, which did not do anything.  I ended up “resetting factory settings.”  This solved the problem… for about 2 days of use.  Yesterday, i thought i heard a faint popping sound.  Today, the sound was louder, then… there was no sound–at all.  What can i do?  I am beginning to have suspicions regarding the quality of the Sansa products.  Any suggestions would be great. 

Does it indicate the file is playing? (Time changing, etc.) Does turning the wheel change the volume displayed?

Make sure the plug is all the way in the jack, and give it a slight turn. This solves 95% of all skipping/no sound problems. The headphone jack on the Fuze is very tight. 

Or try it with different phones.

It’s also possible that the headphone jack connection inside the Fuze is going bad, which means either a warranty repair (if it’s less than a year old) or…sadly…getting a different player.