Audio files

I loaded an audio file on my sansa and it says 'pleaseactivate this device with audible manager to play this title"  what do i do???

Do what the screen tells you to do?

If this is an Audible file, it’s protected by DRM encryption. You must use the Audible Manager to download, transfer and authorize the device in order to play their files.

Confirm that the version of Audible Manager installed on your computer is the latest version. To check this, open Audible Manager and on the upper menu, click on Help, then on About Audible Manager.

If you had previously installed the software or were able to burn Audible content via Audible Manager, those burn components could still be available on your computer. If that is the case, this will prevent the Audible Manager software from updating properly.

Confirm that the version of Windows Media Player installed is the latest as well