Audio cuts out with headphones


Whenever I plug my pair of Sennheiser HD 555’s into my Sansa Clip, the audio will play normally for about 30 seconds and then cut out in one second intervals. I tried using another pair of headphones and they worked fine, so I figured it was the 555’s fault, but when I placed those into my computer, phone, and tablet it worked just fine. Does anyone know of any solutions for this problem? Thanks!

Sounds like a mechanical problem with the connection.

If it is a new Clip, the jack just may be tight. Gently but firmly twist as you plug in the Sennheisers.

You could also try connecting via a M-to-F headphone extension cord.

Some Sennheiser headphone plugs have contact problem after a certain time. Cleaning the contact surfaces helps, even if they don’t look dirty.