Music cutts out when too loud

It doesnt happen on everysong mind but on most songs that i have on my clip.I haveto turn the volume to 2/3 for it too stop cutting out.Is there a fix for this at all?Bit annoying i have to keep chaging my volume setting and EQ settings on each song…

mmm i think i found a quick fix,i had my earphone plug too far in i think…

Ok the problem seems too be how the headphone jack in connected,it has too be not too far out or in for the music to play fine on high volume/eq settings,this is bit annoying as if I have it clipped to my pants when IM walking it almost always certainly moves out a little at some point,anyone else have this problem?It would of been nice if the headphone jack could plug all the way in securely…Or it didn’t skip when it was pushed too far in.

Don’t suppose this is fixable by a future firmware update as it seems to be a connector issue with the headphone 3.5mm jack…

Can anyone else comment if they have this problem too please?


The headphone jacks are bad. This problem plagues the Clip and Fuze players. There is some variance in different brands of headphone plugs and the jack should work on anything, but it does not. Some have to be out slightly to contact correctly. This is a hardware problem.

But this happens with both headphones i have,the ones that come with the clip and my sennheiser cx500’s.This is surley a clip specific problem and it ■■■■■.

this happens to me as well sometimes. i’m there listening to music, change the eq, and woa the volume all of a sudden just got louder!

it’s annoying.

This problem is Hella annoying. I have a Sansa Fuze and have the exact problem. Sansa should fix this issue if it wants longevity.

I doubt this is a headphone jack problem if it depends on the volume level. It seems like it is more likely a clipping problem, in which the player is being pushed to output more power than it is capable of doing. This is probably more likely to occur if the equalizer is set to boost the bass(lower frequencies take more power to produce at higher volumes than higher ones). The solution to this is to use a more efficient headphone or earphone, or play the music at a lower volume. Which headphones or earphones are you using? How efficient are they(db/mw)? There are some headphones or earphones that are 112 db/mw or higher, while others are under 100 db/mw. The player will also probably work better with headphones or earphones that are within 16-32 ohms.

I’m hearing impaired and turning the volume up caused the music to sputter or hiccup.  once I turn it down a bit it stopped doing that.I wear a special earphone that hooks behind my BTE hearing aid (see below)

inductive headset

if this is a hardware issue, is there a way to fix/bypass this issue?

a very small temporary solution:  switch to ‘custom’ settings from the music EQ menu…and set the bars in the middle all across. 

I was able to go up one or two clicks more on the volume button than what I had in ‘normal’ settings.   if the music still cuts out, go down a click or so.