Audible Files Still In Music with Firmware Upgrade


I just downloaded and installed the latest upgrade (vs. 1.01.29a) and made sure it was verified through the system info on the clip. According to the new firmware upgrade changes it states that audiobooks are now accessed separate from the Music section. However, when I check for my Audible files, I don’t see any separate section for Audible, and I still have to access them through the Music section of the Clip.  Do I need to re-download all my Audible books for the new section to appear? Should I move them to the Audiobook folder?



You may want to resync your Audible (AA) files and see if they move to the proper folder.

How do I resync them? Do I delete them all from my Clip and redownload them??

They are already in the Audible folder, but I thought with the firmware upgrade there was supposed to be another folder besides the Music that shows up in the clip for audiobooks. Is that correct??

With the Audible Manager, you can pull any book from the device, and retransfer from the library at will.  Also, since you have the rights to each book, you can retransfer from Audible until you turn blue (or green), in any one of the data rate formats desired (I prefer Format 3).

Just plug in, open Audible Manager, and the Clip will show up at the bottom.  Highlight any book file and then click “remove from device”, then click on the book in the pane above (your library), and select “add to device” in the upper right corner.

Comparing your library to the device, there’s a blue check mark to the left of any library file that’s currently on the Clip.

Bob  :wink:

There is not an additional folder created in the device’s music menu when Audible files are transferred. 

However, when you use Windows Explorer when the Clip is plugged in, then there will be an Audible folder that shows up.

Thank you guys so much. That’s what I did and I have them all.  Too bad you have to go through the Music section to get to the audio books. Wish they had a separate section for audiobooks…oh well maybe another time :slight_smile: