Audible books only in parts on 8GB Sansa Clip

I’ve got a 4GB Clip, which displays each Audible book as one book under Music > Audiobooks, which is great.

Now I got an 8GB Clip.  Under Music > Audiobooks > Audibles, it displays all the parts of the Audible books.  So instead of seeing one book, I now have two or three parts displayed.

I re-formatted the Clip, but it still can only see all these parts.  Is there a way to get the 8GB Sansa Clip to display one Audible book under “Audiobooks”?


That is normal, especially for downloaded large books that have been cut up to smaller files.  When you shut off and restart it will go to the part where you left off. When you select that part it will ask you to “resume” or go to the beginning.  Make sure you keep all the files for one book in One book folder. I have downloaded  Library books that are 20 and 40 hours long. They are usual divided into 50 or 70 minute files. 

The CLIP is  the best Audio-book player ( I have 2),  it re-winds and fast-forwards  between the parts as if it is one contiguous file.

**The CLIP+ does not!  Read CLIP+ Audio-book complaints.

Thanks for your reply.

You see, that is the problem.  The 8GB clip doesn’t give me a One book folder.  That’s what the 4GB clip does.

For example, in the 4GB Clip, I have separate listings for

  1. Storm Front
  2. Fool Moon
  3. Grave Peril
  4. Summer Knight

This is exactly what I want because each book has its own folder and is easy to find and listen to

Then I go to the 8GB clip, and there automatically everything gets thrown into “Audibles” on the Clip, which looks like this:

  1. Storm Front Part 1

  2. Storm Front Part 2

  3. Fool Moon Part 1

  4. Fool Moon Part 2

  5. Grave Peril Part 1

  6. Grave Peril Part 2

  7. Summer Knight Part 1

  8. Summer Knight Part 2

I tried Audible Manager for transferring the books and I tried synching them with Windows Media Player.  With both programs, the result is that all parts are showing at once in the Clip.  

And then it’s not even alphabetized.  Instead it remembers the sequence I put those parts on there.  Things can get really jumbled up.  I have a lot of books with three parts or even more.  So now I’m only putting very few books on because I don’t want to wade through the confusion but what’s the purpose in having 8 GB?  At this point I’m pretty disappointed with my 8GB Clip.

Is the firware so different for the 4GB and the 8 GB?

@cchris wrote:


Is the firware so different for the 4GB and the 8 GB?


If one is a v1 and the other is a v2 model, then yes.

But not functionally for the user, right?  Or do v1 and v2 firmwares now operate differently?