art in the album list

Hello! Anyone know how to put on the list of album art on sansa fuze? click on music then albums. This art only appears in the music that comes with the player, but when I put the art in the music I added the art does not appear in the list of albums.

The preloaded songs are sent over in MTP mode. I don’t use MTP, only MSC–and no album art shows up in my list either.

You might go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change to MTP, then try adding an album with art, then seeing if it shows up. I don’t know if it will or not.

But with MTP your Windows Media Player will probably pop up and try to control the Fuze, which I find annoying and potentially troublesome. I prefer MSC.

I did as you said, but did not work.

If you want album art when you are playing tunes on your Fuze.

Reduce the size of the files to 170x170, make sure you save as a jpg file.

You can do this with a freeware program called “Seashore”  found here:

The tool will be found under “Image > Scale”



I don’t think the OP has a problem when tunes are playing. The post is about seeing the album covers while scrolling through the Albums list.

Details, details, details…jeez.  Maybe I should have said “If you want your album art to show whether you are scrolling though your song list, album list or during play back…”    Regardless, I found that reducing the image size of the album art file to no less than 170x170 ensures that have album art…everywhere.

I did as you said, but did not work too.

I did as you said, but did not work.