Any difference between extreme sdcz80-032g- ffp or x46

I’m going to buy a new USB memory.

Im interested in the Sandisk Extreme. But in Amazon, I’m noticing 2 different numbers for the same 32GB




Are both the same product or are there any differences?

Thanks for the reply.

ffp = frustration free packaging i.e. not in standard retail packaging blister pack

x46 normal retail packaging. 


That reply saved me from my frustation :smiley:

thanks a lot.

not in standard retail packaging blister pack"

Doesn’t that imply that the SanDisk package has been openned?  And couldn’t that imply that the device has been used?

Hi and what is a difference between these two versions of SanDisk Extreme 32GB?

SDCZ80-032G- G46


SDCZ80-032G- X46

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I presume that goes for the one with extension “-GAM46” as well?