Difference from these Two 32GB Cruzer Extreme USB 3.0

Hi all, i would like to buy one 32GB usb from amazon but in sold there are two models with the same price…

This it was added on amazon.it  on 21 july 2013



This one it was added on amazon.it on 16 september 2012



1)There are some difference from each other?

I suppose the first is newer revision i’m confused…

  1. What usb do you suggest me to buy?

THanks for your attention ^^

And last question.

Are bootbale usb keys?


What usb do you suggest me to buy?

Well, are either of the devices new?  Or have they been used?  If used what is the return policy of the seller?

Are bootbale usb keys?

Sure, Easy2Boot will make any USB drive bootable, new or old.