what is the diference between part numbers for extreme usb 3.0 drives

I see several part numbers listed for this drive:




What is the difference between these part numbers?

I see a LOT of negative user reviews - especially at newegg. I want to buy one of these, but all the bad reviews make me leary.

Are all of these users just incompetent, are their computers incompatible?

Different manufacturing locations.

So if they are from different locations, could a bad batch have come from one of these locations? Newegg has the -A75 version and seems to have many negative reviews. They also have the lowest current price. Then again, B&H has all good reviews and the same -A75 version.

A bad batch could come from ANY location. Some could have been exposed to or come in contact with something harmful (x-rays, strong magnetic pulses, radiation, etc.) during customs sweeps or for that matter anywhere along the long line from manufacturing location to thier final selling location.

Anyway any chance you can disclose such locations? I did spoted on amazon.co.uk SDCZ80-064G-X46 and SDCZ80-064G-G46 both being sold currently, would really like to know manufacturer location for each one.