Confusing SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 Flash drive Product Numbers

First off, on SanDisk’s site they have three ‘product numbers’ for each capacity of their Extreme USB 3.0 flash drives. For example, the 32GB:

SDCZ80-032G-A75 (Americas)

SDCZ80-032G-X46S (Canada)

SDCZ80-032G-X46 (Europe/Asia-Pacific/Latin America/Middle East and Africa)

What is the point of this regional product numbering for a flash drive, is there any difference between them?

Secondly, I’m seeing additional product numbers that aren’t even listed on the website, like SDCZ80-032G-AFFP, and in my country (NZ) SDCZ80-032G-XQ46 and SDCZ80-032G-A46. Again, what is the difference?

Wild guess, metric measurements vs non-metric?  Language is also a consideration since the drives probably include apps like SecureAccess.

In my own theory, I think they do that for reporting. Like seeing which USBs sold out fast. It can be tract easily with those product numbers. <img src=“\_smiley-happy.gif”/>

Not sure how you’re adding emoticons rickyjm but they usually end up showing as URLs rather than images.   Browser? Device?  OS?  Poor copy & pasting?  :neutral_face: