Annoying Loading Issue

I have noticed that ever since I have updated my firmware to the newer version, 1.30.01, it collapses when loading up. I will turn the power on, it will say loading, and then it will completely turn off and take me about 30 seconds to get it to turn back on. I did not have this issue before updating to the new firmware. I only have 193 songs as of now so I do not know what the issue could be. I use Rhapsody tracks and they all work fine once I can get the Fuze+ to turn on without shutting off. Anyone else with this issue? 

I seem to have similar issues, as my Fuze+ has been acting weird, freezing and otherwise, forcing me to reset it.  I am trying really really hard to enjoy this thing, but there is still a lot to improve on it that it is increasingly frustrating to use it.  The newest firmware update as well as the one previous to it have slowed down the UI as well, causing considerable lag when trying to roam through the menus.  What is going on with this thing??

I totally agree!! I had my original Fuze with the scroll wheel stolen and I wish I had just bought another one of those. It was much better and much more stable. I believe that one day they will get it right with a firmware update and I hope that day is soon because I am starting to get annoyed with this thing. 

The same is true here.  I have never returned an MP3 player.  I am really close to returning this one. 

The lack of the folder option and the loop back that was in the original fuze (after numerous firmware updates) is frustrating.

It almost seems that a different set of programmers, that didn’t work on the original Fuze firmware, created this mess. 

The lag time between playing a song and getting back to the Artist list is almost 6 seconds, absolute ■■■■.


I ended up reverting back to 1.29, which seemed like a breath of fresh air compared to this recent update. There are still issues with it of course but at least I am not dealing with that annoying loading issue. Please SanDisk, fix this!!!

I am about to revert back to the last firmware.  I could fall asleep waiting for it to load the external card.  Not to mention the juming it likes to do when I am trying to get to a song.  I hope this will fix this issue, until Sandisk fixes it.

I am having similar problems…

I loved my origianl fuze - after 31/2 years of my high end usage the little guy is still going except battery charge does not last long - so i bought the fuze +.

I think fuze + means… fuze + problems at this point.

After needing to reformat twice I realized the firmware update. DRM nightmare.  Thought things would be fine after that

Now I randomly freeze on the loading screen when it will simply shut down. After many many turn ons/shut offs it is now playing again. I’m scared to shut it off…lol.

I do not know why they had to mess up a very good thing. I do not want to go with another company but I am considering it. What is worse is I have promoted Sandisk/rhapsody like I’m a salesperson (esp after watching my daughter throw tons of money away to Itunes) - bought two for people for Christmas - nothing but problems. I am eating crow now.

Have any of you heard anything negative about the phillips go-gear MP3 players?

Would love a response in this thread from a Sandisk tech - who has an answer to this newest issue.

Is all of your content from the Rhapsody service?  If so, the embedded _metadata and album art_s hould be fine with the Fuze+.  The Fuze+ a bit of a “split personality” with content: it’s happy with just about anything I throw at it in terms of video files, but can have issues with music from various sources.

In particular, the most frequent cause of freezups during the loading process is album art that is too large or the wrong format, and ID3 tag information that’s either of a format the player doesn’t like, or that has information that’s not needed.

For the ID3  tag data, use ID3 v2.3 ISO 8859-1 (Latin-I) format.  MP3Tag is a great utility to clean up your tags, and set them to the correct format.

Windows Media Player and Rhapsody both use this format by default.

On the player side, be sure to have the latest firmware installed, using the Sansa Updater or by following the manual installation directions.  The latest version should address the Rhapsody authorization issue.

If you have personal CDs in your collection that you’d like to export to the Fuze, either Rhapsody or Windows Media Player will write the files to the correct format automatically, just be sure to select MP3 or WMA if you use Windows Media Player, and not “WMA Pro”, as this format is not supported.

I share your pain with iTunes, as I have this venue as well, preferring Amazon or Rhapsody for purchases.  If the files are in AAC iTunes format, the Fuze+ does support AAC, as long as it’s the DRM-free format.  iTunes cannot communicate with the Fuze+ (or any other non-Apple device) directly, go figure.

Let me know what types of content you have on your Fuze+, as well as whether you have a microSD card installed.  On the device, go to Settings > System Settings > Info, and let us know your firmware version.

Bob  :smiley:

I do only use rhapsody and the few CDs I have uploaded have been done thru rhapsody.

Latest firmware is:  02.38.06A

I have not added extra memory yet - I want to but am fearful of wasting more money as I hear/read that the delay/lag time is very bad when adding extra memory.  Not sure what to do yet.