all audio lost, again and again...

I delete one mp3 file Sansa clip and all my other mp3 are also missing, lost, even in directories “albums”, “music” … 

I did format, copying, and listened my mp3 for two days and suddenly lost all by itself again. why?

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That sounds kinda familiar. My 8G Clip (2.01.32) has just trashed its file system again today (last time was about 2 weeks ago or so, after owning it for about 3 weeks), totally out of the blue with no warning whatsoever. Had like a bit over 2 gigs on it. Running chkdsk turns up a bunch of file fragments, most of which can be read flawlessly again after renaming from *.chk to *.mp3. A couple always turn up untagged though. My Clip doesn’t seem to like Peter Gabriel I, this one already was affected last time (it’s one of the few albums with ID3v1 only, maybe that has something to do with it). And like last time, the volume label has gone (although chkdsk calls it ##MUSIC#, which I think is the folder name for the MTP content) and there’s a folder AUDIOB~1.

Last time I formatted in Windows AND again on the player.

Transfer mode is MSC.

Methinks it may be some kind of firmware bug that corrupts the FAT under some very specific conditions. Although it could also be anything else… :.

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Looks like this might be solved for me. I’d previously used the .32T “test” firmware; last time the corruption happened I flashed the regular firmware. No problems since then. *knock on wood* (Advanced users have advanced self-sabotage methods.)

Too bad, being able to read the battery voltage really gave you a better idea of remaining charge than the overly optimistic battery indicator symbol (which still says half full if the battery is almost empty at little over 3.7 V).

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Add me to the list of folks that this has happened to.  Current at firmware revs, but same issue.

I see that it’s been  mentioned a few times in these forums, but I haven’t seen a good answer yet.  Anyone have one?

I can’t seem to find a real patter as to what I may be doing, other than pausing, and letting it turn off by itself.  When it comes on, I either get the refreshing media type message, or a long “logo” load.   Then nothing, though memory seems to be be still taken up.

A checkdisk finds the files, and returns a large directory of .chk files, bu tthat’s no help as I don’t want to rename all the files, nor does it help if I’m not near a PC to reload the files.  It’s like the entire file table just goes kaput.

I just got a brand new Sansa Clip 4GB Silver. Seems to be version 2. I’ve had it 2 days. I just lost all my files, same thing as the users above.

I was listening to it on a run. Then I went to listen to it when I got home and no music came on. I took a look, and it says no files. It also seems to have reset itself because when I went to plug it in, it was set to USB auto detect. I typically don’t run that mode and had changed it already.

I ran checkdisk and got the FOUND.000 folder with all my data in it, renamed to .chk files.

Something is hosing the FAT on the drive or something. Maybe a version 2 problem only? My original player was version 1 and I never experienced this problem.

I’m running latest firmware. Hopefully it gets fixed. In the mean time, everyone make sure to backup your files that you store on the clip!

I wonder if this is the same problem that just happened to me?

All the audiobooks and music show up on the player (after a long logo boot) but nothing will play (icon changes from pause to play but no progress).

When I look via the PC no files show up except the DEVICON file (MTP mode).

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Happened to me again today. I was just listening to my audiobook. Then I turned it off. Went to turn it back on after about 20 minutes and it’s showing that its playing track 5/49, but the filenames and such are blank. Go to play songs, no songs. When i turned it on, it was stuck at the “flower” icon for quite a while before doing anything.

Now I plug it into my PC, and the music directory is empty (as before) but this time, I have an empty Audiobook folder, but also a AUDIOB~1 folder with all my audiobooks. Somehow in the file corruption this time, it appears my directory was saved, but renamed… confusing… Also very frustrating.