Album Artist and Track # are Not showing up for WAV files on SD Card?

HI, I have a Sansa Clip+ with latest firmware.   Today I was playing with putting WAV files oin both the internal memory and the SD card.   On Internal memory, I can see Artist, Track number, and Album.   But On the SD Card, I only see the Track name…   Is there a way to have the Album and Artist and Track be recognized for WAV files on the SD Card?    MP3’s work fine on the SD card.  

(Copied the WAV files back to computer and all info is still there, just not being read by the player.?)

I was trying out new earphones, and they sound much better with the WAV files than MP3’s…   

And a 32GB SD card (Class 10) should hold most music I like.

Appreciate any thoughts or ideas you may have.

How did you tag the .wav files? Apparently there are various standards, not all of them read by many players. 

Just as an experiment, put some .wav files inside a Music folder on the microSD card and see if it reads the tags. I seem to remember someone did that to make  FLAC files readable on the card, so maybe it will work for .wav too. 

Speaking of FLAC, there is absolutely no advantage–no improvement in sound–in using .wav files instead of FLAC files. Both are lossless–all the information is there.  So if you really want to put the maximum amount of high-fidelity music on the unit, you should convert .wav to .flac.

There are free converters around, like Foobar.

Another free converter  is Media Coder–just make sure you watch carefully during installation so you’re not installing any additional software or accepting any agreements beyond  the converter itself. Some people have complained about extra junk bundled with it, but I’ve never had any problems.  Just in case, set a System Restore point in Windows before installing it. 

Thanks for the Tips!

I already have the WAV files inside the MUSIC folder on the MicroSD Card.    Still shows Artist, Album, etc as “unknown”.  Same files on the internal memory show All tags properly.  I believe that I ripped the WAV from my CDs with Foobar.

Will try and see what FLAC files do. Thanks for the idea.

I have used Foobar before for MP3’s, but not for FLAC  For Flac you can select the “compression level”, from 0 to 8.   Do you know what compression level is recommended? 

Do you know if  an “8” compression still have all the audio quality of a WAV file?   Any difference in Clip+  Battery life with differect compression settings?  

Thanks for the help!

Solved; Used Foobar to convert WAV to Flac 16 Bit Level 4 Compression.  Now Tags show up for files on the MicroSD card.

Black-Rectangle,       Thanks for your Help!