Album art pixel count


whats the pixel size of the album art shown on the screen of the fuze ?

I would like to convert my albumart to this size in Gimp before I transfer it to the player.


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I have most of my album art re-sized to 250 x 250, but I have seen them anywhere from 180 x 180 up to 300 x 300.

If you drag-and-drop the album art into its respective album on WMP11 it will resize it automatically and embed it in the music files for you.

I believe Tadeus72 is asking at what size is the Fuze actually displaying the album art (i.e. how many pixels is the art taking up on the Fuze’s screen).  Presumably so he can size his art to match so the Fuze would not have to do any resizing (and maybe save a little storage space, too).

Seems like this would be a useful piece of information.  Anyone know the answer?  Sansafix, maybe?

I tought Fuze doesn’t read albumart from music files ? I have all my albumart as folder.jpg files in the album folders and they all work. The problem is with the quality of the graphics on the screen of the player. Some look good, others awful. I guess its because of the player sizing down the original jpg. I would like to size them down by myself to the final resolution (pixel size) so I can control the quality on my own.

Edit: Yeah, thats what I meant ;]

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I tought Fuze doesn’t read albumart from music files ?

Correct, embedded art is not currently supported.  You have to use folder.jpg files.

All the art in my main library is in the 500x500 range.  However, after I sync I run a script to resize all the art on the Fuze to 200x200, which works well.  I noticed it improved the speed of the UI quite a bit, too.  Would be nice to know the exact size, though.

Hi, I have a question pertaining to this subject. You said that the Fuze does not support embedded album art in the MP3s, which is a big disadvantage anyway. Is copying a “folder.jpg” to the album folder the only solution? I see *.alb files that were on the Fuze when I got it, they are 0kB and cannot be viewed on the PC, but obviously create the album art view on the Fuze itself. How are these made? How do I get the nice covers in my MP3 collection into separate JPGs again?

As I understand it, using WMP will extract the album art from the song to make that .alb file.

I typically use mp3tag to extract album art from one of the song files. Its default file name is folder.jpg, so its pretty simple. Its really stupid that we should have to do that, and its pretty useless if you have lots of songs from different albums - I would hope the next version fixes it.

As to the pixel count: I found a picture of a Fuze screen here. I copied that and resized the width to 220 (the width of the Fuze), and the height went to 176 (same as the Fuze). So my resolution for this pic was identical. I copied the album art frm the pic, and it came out to 60x60. So there’s you’re resolution in that mode. If you hit the middle button a couple of times, it’ll show it at about 90x90.

At 200x200, you’re looking at 6 to 8 kilobytes for a .jpg file, on flash media (which has very fast read times). I personally wouldn’t think its worth the effort trying to save a few kilobytes beyond that.

Yes, WMP probably creates the .alb file when downloading music to the Fuze WITH the WMP. But since I used drag-and-drop to copy the MP3 folders to the device, there is no automatism. What I am doing now is open every album I have in the WMP which then creates a folder.jpg which I copy to the Fuze… maybe not the most clever way, but it works and just needs some time, which is free :smiley: As Greg Brown says: “Time ain’t money if everything you’ve got is time…”. Thanks for the hint anyway.

At 90x90 there is a white border around the cover (big view), so your cover should be bigger.

A recommendation from Sandisk about cover-size would be nice, because resized pictures can look really ugly. Example:

I believe the screen size is 220 x 176 (width x height).  I think I determined this based on what Media Converter generates when converting movies or photos.  Note this is the total screen size: only a smaller portion of the screen is used to display cover art while playing tracks.

I usually scale my album art to this size (which means, keeping the original aspect ratio, they come out as 176 x 176 because they’re square-ish images).  At this size, they load considerably faster than the 500 x 500 originals I let Winamp display on the PC.

FWIW, I scale both album art and pictures for the PHOTO directory to this size.