How do I prevent cover art from being resized and distorted in Fuze?

First, I’m new here and it is very nice to communicate with all of you.

I use mp3tag to add cover art to my mp3s and it shows up on my fuze, but the jpegs are resized and look stretched and distorted. The size I used was 200 x 200. Does anyone know the official size cover art is supposed to be so Sansa Fuze doesn’t resize and distort them?

See if some of the results here would help out:

I tried 120 x 120 and Fuze is still resizing and distorted the image on the player :frowning:

You can go higher.  I’ve gone as high as 600 x 600, just to see what happens and all it did was take up more memory.  The image on the fuze showed up fine.

The resolution for the fuze screen is 220 x 176, which is 5:4 ratio.  176x176 is the maximum square resolution possible for album art.

if you make the Artwork too big it will effect the player, I had a problem where my mp3s would have a long pause between tracks, and the cause was artwork was too big in file size. just pointing that out to you.

I’ve just downloaded an album which has artwork 728 x 728 - it appears fine on the fuze screen, and I’ve not noticed any problems playing the mp3 tracks.

OK, so the screen resolution ratio is 5:4 - native being 220x176.

I have noticed though that if you have a photo that is 5:4 ratio also, the Fuze does a pretty good job of reducing it to fit and making it look good.

For example, I have a photo that’s 1540x1232.

If I load this on the Fuze, it looks better than taking the image into a program like Microsoft Paint, reducing it to 220x176, and then loading that image onto the Fuze.

Now granted, the 1540x1232 image will use more Fuze memory than the 220x176 will, but it does look better on the 1.9-inch screen.

Now why is that? Maybe I just need a better image processor than the standard Paint?

Stripe1966 wrote:


Now why is that? Maybe I just need a better image processor than the standard Paint?



I recommend Gimp.  It’s probably the best thing I have ever downloaded.  Here’s a link.