Album Art Not Transferring with Yahoo Music Jukebox / Yahoo Music Unlimited ToGo

Summary of issue at hand:

I am using the latest version of Yahoo Music Jukebox (Windows Media Player 11 installed) with a Yahoo Music Unlimited ToGo Subscription. The album art appears in the Yahoo Music Jukebox but does not reliably transfer to my Sansa Connect. The album art transfers less than 50% of the time.

Examples of albums with album art in Yahoo Music Jukebox but not on my Sansa Connect:

East Infection by Gogol Bordello

Live Phish 17: 7.15.98: Portland by Phish

Plans by Death Cab For Cutie

Examples of albums with album art in Yahoo Music Jukebox included on my Sansa Connect:

Stubbs the Zombie Soundtrack

Sky Blue Sky by Wilco

American Beauty by the Grateful Dead

I have submitted requests for assistance to both SanDisk Technical Support and Yahoo Music Technical Support.

Model Type:

Sansa Connect

Model Number:


Firmware Version:

Yahoo Music Jukebox Version:

Yahoo! Music Jukebox ( (Aug 28 2007 13:04:27) en-us

Thank you for reporting this. SanDisk and Yahoo are reviewing your request.

I have to give it to Yahoo, they are prompt. I recieved an email a few hours ago from YME Tech Support. the instructions were as follows:

_Thank you for writing Yahoo! Music about your application errors. We’re
happy to help you with this question.

To correct this issue, please uninstall then reinstall Yahoo! Music

The email then went on to list the finer points of uninstalling windows applications and let me know that my music library was safe I just had to reinstall the Yahoo Music Jukebox. This did not solve the problem. Actually, things got worse. When the Yahoo Music Jukebox was done reinstalling almost all of the cover art in my library was gone. Songs with the “Type” designation “streaming” or “imported” still had cover art but any “subscription” tracks did not. Furthurmore when adding tracks to the Sansa Connect even fewer tracks have cover art.

I tried uninstalling, deleting my library and reinstalling. I then proceeded to add a few tracks from Yahoo Music Unlimited to My Music. As expected the new tracks have cover art in Yahoo Music Jukebox. I then reset my Sansa Connect, deleteing all of the songs and setting so it was “factory fresh.” Cover art is almost never transferring. It does this odd thing where one song out of a whole album will have cover art. The cover art does not show up in the “Music Library” menus but a random track will have cover art on the “Now Playing” screen.

I really like the way the Sansa Connect works with the exception of this cover art issue. I have responded to YME Tech Support and I am awaiting their reply.

I had the 4GB Sansa  (e260?) and it never displayed cover art, either.  No one at technical support for Yahoo or Sansa knew even where to begin.

The only success I ever had was with .mp3 files that I had created and embedded the album art files myself.  I think I may have even copied the album art file to a seperate folder on the player as well.  This was a huge pain so I only did it for one file.

If you really want it to work, exchange your player.

I didn’t see any problem with the Album art when downloading from the Yahoo! Music service to the Sansa Connect until this week. SanDisk and Yahoo are reviewing this problem.

I recieved the following from SanDisk Support this morning:

I noted this on on of my test units last week. This appears to be a problem with the Yahoo service interface. Our service team is currently reviewing the problem with Yahoo. I hope to have a resolution within the next couple days.

It is good to know they are working on it. I’ll keep everyone posted.

I doubt this is a hardware issue, and would hold on exchanging your unit.  I tried to reproduce this on my device using the song:

East Infection by Gogol Bordello

The album art displayed when played in YMJ, but after transferring it to my device, the album art wasn’t there.  If it’s happening to me, its unlikely to be a hardware issue.  The only difference is that the majority of my songs correctly tranfer to my device with the album art intact. 


I’ve got to wonder about that though.  I had my e260 for a year or so and it never received album art with any version of Yahoo Music Jukebox. 

Brought home the Connect, plugged it in and got album art.  Sure sounds like a new unit fixed the problem.

I do find that the occassional song comes through without album art, but I think that’s when I’ve disconnected too soon.  When I go to synchronize the Connect to my PC, it eventually finds all the art.

That’s like saying, my Honda Civic had a problem with its trasmission, so I bought an S2000.  You are upgrading different products, although they are the same maker. 

Again, I highly doubt it’s a hardware issue.  Especially since the same problem happens on my device.  I wouldn’t say it happens even close to 50% of the time (more like 5%)… Most of my songs that I sync from my PC correctly transfer the album art successfully.


Not quite.  Other e260 users didn’t have transmission problems.  Their products worked as advertised right out of the box.

Now there’s a Connect user who can’t display art, but mine works.  Sounds like "shadygrove"s problems is the luck of the draw.

Besides, the S2000 only has two seats.

At first, I was able to reproduce the issue using the song, “East Infection” by Gogol Bordello.  I tried again on my Sansa Connect and this time the album art successfully shows on my Connect.  Here is what I did:

First I removed the song from my device since it was there from my first attempt at reproducing the issue.

I opened YMJ and played the East Infection song once. 

I then transferred the song to my device, and the album art shows up. 

I’m not sure if playing the song once on YMJ helped, but that is the only thing I did that was different. 

Hope this helps you out Shadygrove.