Album Art

All of a sudden my album art doesn’t show up on my MP3 player when I sync my music. 

Any idea why that would be? 

Is that new music with album art that is not showing up?

Or previously working music with album art not showing up?

Which program are you using to sync your songs? WMP11 acts a little funny with syncing album art over.

I’m having the same issue with media player 11.  Is there something you can recommend for syncing music that isn’t so fussy and will actually do the cover all too?

I have an mp3 and wma version of a song that has album art. I can see this art in Media Monkey on both files. I copied these two music files onto an e260 and they play just fine … but no album art. The art is imbedded in both files.

I used Windows Explorer to copy the music files onto the player. I just upgraded the firmware successfully as well. I can’t find an option that does (or doesn’t) allow album art to be displayed.

Anyone have an idea what to look at next???


I have been having a probelm with this as well.  I have emailed sanDisk for some support and I am waitng.  But I will tell you this, when I first had this problem, I went into the Advanced ID tag editor in WMP11 by highlighting all tracks of that album, right click, select advanced ID3 tag editor.  Then you need to of course make sure that all information such as artist name, composer, album title and such are the same so it shows up the same in the player.  Dont do something silly like check the boxes for the song name, track number, etc.  Then if you go to artwork, and add the photo manually there, it sometimes works and fixes the problem.  I had to look for the artwork online google under image search.  Works pretty well.  But strangly, only for some.  I have a lot of music, about 40GB and about 5 of my Bjork albums dont  show their album artwork, but most others do.

I hope this helps some people as it fixed some of the albums but not all, if anyone needs additional help on other things, Im here but for the artwork, im really stuck…

You can manually add the album art to the player by this method

Also, as Tofer stated, a more difficult way, is to manually assign the picture, with WMP11 by right clicking on the song, picking advance tag editor, clicking on the Pictures tab then manually adding the picture… This is more difficult, and may not always work.  However people always perfer different methods, so heres another method :smiley:

all album art does not show… new and old.

I believe it is WMP 10

This didn’t work for me…

But I noticed a difference,all my music is WMA.
Does that make a difference?If so,how do I change it?

What has me confused is that I have seen album art displayed on this e260 and it was imbedded in the mp3 tag … not a separate file. I have also not put album folders on the player, only files.

This approach is similar to how Windows Media Player works … poorly in this respect.


So I go a little further and put two more songs on the e260 … simple copy in Windows Explorer. One song displays album art, two don’t.

I can see no difference in Media Monkey or Tag Clinic between the three files, all have art, same flags, same mp3 tag versions, etc.

Thoughts anyone???


for some reason mine works fine!! Lol… I use WMP11 and I can see the album art inside of wmp. When i transfer the files in MTP mode to the player, everything transfers and I see the album art.

I found out if there isn’t an image within the mp3 tag, you can just download the picture and put it in the folder of the album using windows explorer.

I have tried with the method described, but my e280 will not allow me to transfer the Album Art.jpg into the folder?!

in eithier msc or mtp? In mtp i’ve seen it happen, not so much in MSC.

In MTP… When I connect in MSC mode, the MUSIC folder isn’t available in Explorer - only PHOTO, RECORD, VIDEO and tmp appears, which I find quite strange.

Also when I disconnect the device in MSC mode, it performs a system restart - is that normal?

unhide your files and folders and you will see the music folder in MTP mode.

and the restart is normal, usually happens when you make changes.

And that got it sorted… Don’t know why some of the folders were hidden in MSC mode by default - they were all unhidden in MTP by default.

Oh well… Now it works!

Thanks a bunch… :smileyvery-happy:

please help

so ive been tring to figure out how to add album art to 4G sansa that i got from best buy

1st i tried getting the album art from google and then on rhapsody i went to “edit track info” and added the picture. it worked on my computer but not on my mp3 player

2nd i tried doing it through sansa media converter. not only did that dont work but it saved the pictures in a format that i was not selectable but it also did not even reconize my mp3 player.

3rd i watched some tutorial videos that i found “i dont know how but i did” and the key in both of them was to saved the renamed file in my “music” folder with with the album i wated it associated with but (and i checked this 5 or 6 times) when i change my setting as to show hidden files my “music” folder is still empty. which makes both methods usless to me. all my music is in “systems\music” and then thoes are not in folders. they are all just individual files