Adding Songs to a Sansa 4gb MP3 Connect.

I have a 4gb MP3 Connect.  I have 192 songs on the device and am trying to add more songs.  When I am trying to sync in the ‘Windows Media Player’ it shows I have 2.6 GB of 3.3 Gb available.  I am only adding MP3 Type of songs. 

The device acts like it is syncing but when I do the ‘sync status’ it indicated ‘Did not fit on device’ or if I add one song I get an “error” when you try to play on the MP3 Connect device. 

I have 3 other Sansa Clips and these songs will update on those devices.  The Lock button on top of the player is not “On”.

Would it help to update the software and replace all songs?


Hi Irvem, I’m not sure if this is a feature but have you tried to find a work around on this one yet?