adding books to sana fuze

Can any one tell me how to get a book on cd on to my sansa fuze mp3 player…I need instructions on how to get the cd into my computer and than how to get it into my mp3 player …

You have to first ‘rip’ them (essentially convert them) to a format the player can handle, like .mp3. You can use Wiindows Media Player or any one of a number of other free, downloadable media player programs. They will convert and store the converted files on your compute’s hard drive.

Then you can simply drag & drop them to your player.

(Hint: Bone up on ID3 tags or you’ll be sorry)

I rip books from cds and add them to my Fuze, but they always show up as songs, with each book having 10-25 CDs (files) and each CD having about 20 sections.

Are you saying there’s a way to do it so that there’s only 1-3 files per book, same as with a downloaded audio book?

If so, would you explain how – in non-geek language (I looked up the definition of ID3 tags and understood every fourth word).


You can try to take your books and move them into the Audiobooks folder. I don’t know if that will get them out of the music list or not.

But as Tapeworm said, the key is ID3 tags. Forget the geek definition and think of them as electronic labels in your files. When the Fuze goes to list them, it looks at the labels, which are things like Album, Artist, Title, Track Number and Genre. It takes what it finds in each file and puts them in the lists you see on the Fuze.

Genre is the key for your problem. When the Fuze sees Audiobooks as the Genre it takes the files out of your Music list and puts them in Audiobooks. 

So the first thing you want to do is make the Genre tag Audiobooks. Since your ripping software isn’t doing that, you have to. 

The best way is a free software called mp3tag.

You can download it from that link. 

When you install it, it will ask if you want to add it to Context menus. Allow that. 

Do this other tweak: Open it and go to Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg. Under Write, choose ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. Save that–those are the tags that are easiest for the Fuze to read, so you won’t have to change it again. You are now an honorary geek. 

Now find one of your audiobooks: the main folder with the subfolders in it. Right-click on that and you should see mp3tag among the options to open it. Do it, and all the files (even within subfolders) should appear. Highlight them all and you can change Genre to Audiobooks and (under File) Save Tags. 

Of course, you can also change any other tag–one at a time or in groups the way you just did with Genre. 

How do those labels get in the files? They are added, from sources online, when you rip (convert) the CD into mp3 files.  How useful they are depends on whoever put them online. So you might have to fix them yourself. 

So first it depends how you are ripping them. A lot of ripping software makes files by making one folder for Artist and then subfolders for Album. If the tags on your book are Artist (Nathaniel Hawthorne)  and Album (The Scarlet Letter Chapter 1) then The Scarlet Letter Chapter 2 will be in a different subfolder. This sounds like what is happening to you. 

You may be able to go into your ripping software and change the way it makes folders. Or you may not. Look in your ripping software under Tools/Options or Settings or something like that. 

Or you can fix them after the fact–but try to think like a computer. For instance, you could make the Album tag read The Scarlet Letter for everything, just as you did with Genre: Audiobooks. BUT WAIT A MINUTE. Right now, you have each chapter of The Scarlet Letter broken up in to Track 01, 02, 03, etc. If you just change the Album on all of them to The Scarlet Letter, the Fuze will play all the Track 01s, then Track 02s, etc. Not good. 

Mp3tag does have a nice feature under Tools called Auto-Numbering Wizard. Open up the whole book folder again and see how the files are listed. Are the all listed in the order they play, top to bottom? (Like Scarlet-Letter-Chapter 01-01.mp3, Scarlet-Letter-Chapter 01-02.mp3, Scarlet-Letter-Chapter 01-03.mp3, Scarlet-Letter-Chapter-02-01.mp3…) If they are you can highlight them all and run Auto-Numbering Wizard (use Leading Zeroes so the tracks are numbered 01, 02, 03, etc.–better for the Fuze), and you have the whole book numbered in order. Then you could make the Album tag The Scarlet Letter  and take it from there.

Anyway, the Fuze (like any other mp3 player) is only as smart as the ID3 tags. So it does help to know something about them.  

Black-Rectangle: Wow!  That’s a massive amt of info. I’ll go step-by-step and see what I wind up with! Thanks for taking the time to explain it in understandable language.

Just joined the community and saw this thread. How timely.

I have started syncing (Windows Media Player) CD audiobooks to my Sansa Fuse (4g.) after they have been ripped to my computer. Some CDs rip without difficulty, others seem to get snagged during the process. It seems to occur most often on the last track or two on the CD. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Since I started transferring books to my device in the past few weeks, Rhapsody now shows my device as having 3.2GB used and only 458MB available although I only have about 350MB of audiobooks on the device. Any clues why this has happened and what I can do about?   

Files go to the unit in two USB modes: MSC and MTP. Only one is visible to your computer at a time. Switch modes (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode/MSC or MTP) and see if the missing files show up.

After you rip the cd to mp3, you can convert the ripped files into one file by using a program located at Just be sure that when you copy the files to the program that they are in the correct order and be sure to complete the information at the bottom oft page to include books/spoken as the genre. Then you can download to either source of storage(internal/external) to the audiobook folder.

"Since I started transferring books to my device in the past few weeks, Rhapsody now shows my device as having 3.2GB used and only 458MB available although I only have about 350MB of audiobooks on the device. Any clues why this has happened and what I can do about? "

First step. If you have copies of everything on your pc, then format the player using the player’s menu(settings, format). This will delete all files on the player. if you don’t use protected files then set the usb mode on the player to msc. Copy the files to the player use windows explorer(right click on start, click on explore) drag and drop or copy and paste the files or folders to the player. For audiobooks you should put them in the audiobook subfolder on the player.  Don’t sync your player as unexpected results often occur.