Add music to MicroSD

I got the freebie MicroSD card, and the music just isn’t the stuff I listen to normally.  How do I remove the music that came with it, and add my own?  (Idea… Use the removable media for Christmas music!)  If I look in Explorer, I see the Sansa Fuze 8GB, and a folder named MSC.  The folder doesn’t show any content, even though I know the songs were there when I listened to the Fuze.

Windows Media Player also doesn’t show any content on the card.  Also, the only option I see is to sync to internal memory.

I have Windows XP and Windows Media Player 11.

WiMP 11 is fun, in that many things are hidden from obvious view.  With the Fuze connected, and the µSD card mounted, click on the Sync tab.

If it recognizes the card, you’ll see a button available: Next Device >  Click on this, and though it still shows a Fuze icon, note that your capacity displayed will change as the card is recognized as a separate device.

You can now erase, or add media to the card, to and from your library, at will.  Cool, huh?

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: