Questions about using microSD cards w/ the Fuze

Let’s say that I have a microSD card loaded with some music, and it’s already inserted into my Fuze, indexed, and working properly.  Now, let’s say that I connect my Fuze to my computer, and add some more music to the microSD card through the Fuze.  Can I do this without any problems?  Will the Fuze then have to reindex the entire microSD card?

How about if I delete some music from my microSD card? 


Sure, you can add music to the MicroSD card through the Fuze. Simply connect the Fuze in MSC mode (Settings > System > USB Mode) with the microSD card inserted, and it should show up as two drives. One drive will be your Fuze’s main storage, the other will be the microSD card.

It will have to reindex the card, though as to whether or not it will reindex the entire card, I’m not sure.

Of course, if you delete music from the microSD card, it will do a reindex to see what was deleted from the card.


Does anyone know if, after files have only been added to the microSD card through the Fuze, the entire card will be indexed, or just the files that were added?

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It will do fine in both MTP and MSC Mode. But When you add the Files to the card and then Disconnect the fuze You will get the updateing music database screen. This is unavoidable. This happens even if you Delete files. The process is what allows the Fuze generate the options in the menus.

It does a ‘database refresh’. In other words, checking the current contents (refreshing) against what it already has in the database.

Unless you manually delete the ‘mtable.sys’ file, which is the database. Then it will build a completely new one.

Why do you ask?

I’m trying to decide whether Class 2 is fast enough for me.  If it has to reindex the entire 8GB card every time anything is added to the card (~5 minutes @ Class 2?), then maybe not.  But if the time required is proportional only to the amount of new data added to the card, (~ < 1 minute per GB?) then maybe Class 2 is fine for me.

I won’t be watching any videos. 

I have a class 2, 2 gig, and when it is stuffed full, with 200 mb left on my internal 2 gig, it only taks 2.5 minutes, max. Why the hurry?

The length of time it takes to do a refresh is dependent on the number of entries or data it must read, not amount of memory used. Say you have two 4GB cards. One is filled with videos or movies, maybe 2 -3. The other card has 500 music files on it, but only 2 out of the 4GB are filled. the card with the music files is going to take a lot longer to refresh than the ‘fuller’ card with the 2 or 3 movies.

But the Class rating doesn’t really come into play in this refresh. It’s based on writing speed to the card, and the newer ones like the 16GB only come in Class 2. So I wouldn’t get all hung up on it.

For all intents & purposes, a Class 2 is just as good as a Class 6 in these devices. There have been numerous other discussions and nobody yet has been able to prove or disprove an advantage of one over the other in ‘real-life’ use with either music or video files.

Now maybe if it’s used in a digital camera where the images are being written to the card and you can’t snap another picture until it’s finished; that could be where the Class differences are more apparent.


Thanks guys! 

Just picked up a 16GB class 6 A-Data microSDHC card from NewEgg for $54.  Works great in my Sansa Connect.  :wink:

PromisedPlanet:  a 16GB microsdhc Class 6 ??? i have a 8GB Transcend Class 6 —> “refresh media” very fast, but after that, it take about 20% - 30% battery life , and the time to use Fuze is short if i listen to mp3 store on card  —> may be the card is too fast ???

How long is your Fuze’s battery life ??? mine is 1 day :frowning: i must charge the Fuze every night

I admit I don’t have a Fuze … I used to have one but was irked by the bug where the Fuze would re-read the entire card’s contents when internal memory was changed.  I just got the card today and have been testing out in my Sansa Connect.

16GB microSDHC at NewEgg: