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I have the same handicap of a deaf right ear but normal hearing with my left ear.

 Last week I bought the Sansa Fuze 8GB hoping that I can connect it with my mono earbud (Hama In-Ear Mono Earphones HK-200, impedance 32 Ohm, Sensitivity 96 dB) but I got dropouts while playing music.

Mostly I hear audiobooks which are normally in mono and use one side of a stereo earphones but I need also a solution for hearing music.

Are there any plans for future firmware releases that there will be a system setting like using the Sansa Fuze Radio to hear everything in mono.

Thanks for the reply

If/when Rockbox works on fuze, it has that option.  Meanwhile, someplace like Radio Shack may have a stereo-mono adapter plug.

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I tried an adapter connecting with my mono earbuds, but I got the same effect. Maybe some electronical problems. A software solution will be better.

why don’t you convert your music to mono on the pc?

Good idea, but you double the number of files with converting and the rest of my family will hear the stereo version :smiley:

well some people here asked for crossfeed, which is a related feature. If we’re lucky sandisk will implement both together in a firmware update

I strongly vote for mono. Usually when i’m in traffic i use to listen only other earbud for keep sense of what is going on around. You could add mono to EQ setting menu.

FM radio has this feature already, but it is for reducing stereo decoder hiss in weak radio field. I use that when i’m hiking in the forests.

Actually, MONO is the feature I miss the most of RockBox.

During my work shift, I have one little speaker (mono) connected to my fuze.

Especially on old records, instruments are completely panned to one channel, which makes me hear only half the music.

Also a stereo to mono plug will definately NOT fix the problem since:


The stereo outputsocket has 3 contacts: left(tip=3), right(ring=2) and ground(sleeve=1)

Mono jack has 2 contact: audio(tip=3) and ground(sleeve=1)

Conclusion: right channel is connected to the grounding channel and the audio will be lost (and you’re actually short-circuiting the R-channel of your amp).

I think this shouldn’t be a big challenge to achieve for the programmers.