Add mono feature: capture new demographic group!

Adding a mono feature (similar to the FM mono choice in the m series) would capture another market segment… anyone with hearing loss. As we get older, we all suffer hearing loss & Sandisk could attract a completely new demographic.

I purchased the m230 years ago, as it offered this mono feature, which iPods or other mp3 players did not have.

*It would be great if the mono feature would be for all the audio, & not just FM selection.

Please let me know if/when this is planned (I have more ideas)

Out of curiosity, are you requesting mono, so that for songs that fade from one side to the other, don’t? If that’s the case you can normalize the audio files that you sync to take care of that… just thought i’d add that, incase said issue was true, and you didn’t know. :slight_smile:

I would also like mono out added as a feature for all audio (though I do appreciate it for the FM radio).  I’m completely deaf in my right ear, but have normal hearing in the left.  Since I use my View with both headphones and stereo speakers, I’d prefer to not have to rip both mono and stereo copies of my music and store them on the View.  At the same time, I’ve used stereo-to-mono headphone adaptors before, and they degrade the signal too much to enjoy what I’m listening to, and reduce the portability (if the adaptor moves at all, no sound).  (Also, I have only found one company that makes dual-channel single-earpiece headphones, and at this point in time they’re out of my price range.)  Having the option to set all audio to mono on the View would be a great convenience for me.

I’m looking for mono, as I have no hearing in 1 ear. Stereo-to-mono converters don’t always work. This could be a simple software upgrade (the earlier sandisk mp3 players offered mono, but only for fm radio)

There is  a large demographic audience with hearing impairments (note: Samsung has a new phone out, for people with hearing problems). Sandisk should address this demographic as well.

it’d also be nice for when two people listen on earbuds 

the new e260v2 has mono for radio

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Great idea!

As far as the v2 radio, that means it’s RECEIVING in radio, to lessen reception problems…

So sure the left and right outputs match too, but technically the headphone jack is still stereo…