Using the Sansa Fuze as a digitial music player for music on hold

I have searched the forum and found some information on this topic.  But none that address my specific question/problem. 

My company just had a professional music on hold message created.  It was sent to me in MP3 format.  I can play it on the player just fine with the earphones that came with the player and it “loops” by using the repeat function of the player.  However, when I plug in our MOH cable from the phone system I can’t hear anything through the phone system.  When I plug that same cable into a standard earphone jack on a portable radio it works just fine.  Any ideas? 

The only thing I can come up with in my own speculation is that, in order to preserve battery life, the voltage/impedence of a modern MP3 player does not match the voltage/impedence requirements of an old-fashioned earphone.  The only other difference I can think of is the MOH cable is mono.  But since the professional recording is not in stereo (it has identical content in both channels), then I would think plugging a mono cable into it would not be a problem.

Go to Radio Shack(or some other electronics parts store) and get a stereo to mono adapter plug.  The Fuze has a very tight headphone jack when it is new, and a little bit of force might be needed to get the plug all the way in. The jack on the Fuze will loosen up a bit after some use.

It’s better to get a stereo to-mono cord–stereo plug on one end, mono jack on the other.

Why? Because the leverage of a long rigid adapter is going to put a lot of pressure on the headphone jack of the Fuze, which is one of its vulnerable points.

He is not carrying it around though, so that would not be necessary. Besides which, that cable is not so easy to find. For players that are being carried around, that would be a good idea. I use a Y cord with a right angle plug plugged into my player when I use headphones with a straight plug.

Plugging a mono plug into a stereo jack short circuits the right channel of the player’s headphone amp. That seems like a bad thing to do.

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