Accidentally erased entire contents of my Clip, including system stuff

I have a 1 GB Sansa Clip and a Mac OS X. I was trying to put the latest firmware on my Clip (the file m300a.bin). Every time I dragged the file onto my Clip, it would show that it had copied. Then I’d disconnect my Clip, and it’d say it was refreshing, and I’d check to see if the firmware had been updated. It hadn’t. When I plugged it back in, m300a.bin was gone. After I tried multiple times to update the firmware, I reformatted the Clip. I didn’t realize it would erase EVERYTHING. When I plug in the Clip now, there are no files or folders; it’s completely blank. When I turn the Clip on, it says Not enough space for Music DB. Please free 30MB. Then it shuts off. Is there any way I can get the factory settings back on? And get it to work with my Mac? I had tried dragging an MP3 file into the music folder earlier, and the song would show up on the Clip as a file, but it wouldn’t play. Any help would be appreciated. I’m going to have to return this to the store very soon if I can’t get it to work within the next day or two.


Think of the Clip as a hermit crab.  When you place a copy of the firmware in the root directory, the boot loader of the device sees this file, and literally steals it from there, just like a crab finding a new shell.

The file has been taken up by the Clip, and entered into the reserved area of memory.  The process is verified by the display message “Firmware Upgrade in Progress”.

Bob  :wink:

It didn’t show that the firmware version had changed, though. (It was still on 18-something, and I was loading the newest version.) That’s not a big worry for me at the moment; I am more concerned about getting the original hardware back on the clip so it will be able to function and load the menus. Thanks for your reply, though.

Any resolution on this?  I am using Mac OSX 10.5 and have the same prob.  I think it is a virus as I just got my Sansa Clip, and am having the same trouble.  I got the Clip as to replace my iPod which is having similiar troubles…


I wish I had an OS X machine to fiddle with…be sure to run your antivirus software, and be sure that your Mac is in good health.  I know that the Mac uses USB for everything, so that part must be partially ok.

I have heard that some problems can arise from plugging in the Clip outboard of the main computer- this is due to the power requirements (USB2.0) for charging.  Don’t plug into the outboard connection (on the keyboard, for example).

Try a main USB port.

As a qiuick test, I just had an idea: get a simple USB memory stick as a handy tester!  Plug in, and see if the device is recognized on the port.  Then, plug in the sansa in MSC mode.

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