Clip won't boot and I can't copy system files to it

My Sansa clip won't turn on. When I plug it into my computer, it turns on and I can see its file structure. However, all of the system files are gone (probably because I stupidly deleted them when I was trying to upgrade its firmware). It won't let me copy the firmware from my computer to the Clip. Because it won't boot on its own, I can't access the Settings area to ensure that it is in MSC mode. Does anyone know how to get out of this dilemma?

Are you using a Mac computer to manage your Clip+ ??

Here is one wild and crazy idea.  If you accidentally deleted system files using your Mac, maybe those files are still waiting in the Trash folder?  You could try connecting your Clip+ to your Mac. After it is recognized, take a look in the Trash folder.

      Then right-click on PUT BACK.


Do you know about the pesky dot-underscore files that OSX creates for every file copied to a FAT32 drive?

        I always worried this behavior could foul up a firmware update. I like to update Sandisk Firmwarez using my old Win 10 PC.

Do you know that deleting files from a FAT32 drive using a Mac does not really delete the files. They are just marked for final deletion.  These marked files still reside on the FAT32 drive. Only the Mac can complete the deletion using the EMPTY command.

Sorry DFELD2005, I’m using Windows 7. And the removal of files on this Clip probably happened several months ago when I was trying to get the audiobook sequencing problem sorted out on it. (I have three Clips purchased many years ago, and your help earlier this week on the sequencing issue solved the problem with the other two Clips; this blue Clip was “new” and I can’t imagine how I could have been so stupid as to have deleted its operating system. But I could copy the OS from one of the other Clips if the blue Clip would allow me to write files to it.