A problem when using video4fuze software.

I am running Windows XP SP2 and i have used the great video4fuze software a lot in my conversions without any problem.Today,when i try to convert a file it says:

An error has ocurred: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified

I am using the version 0.3 and i tried to convert different files in different locations in the hard drive which are different in format too,ending up with the same result.I know that this software wasnt created by Bill Gates and i am not gonna blame anyone for this error.Sandisk really should start working on the Sansa Media Converter and Build more format support for the converter such as flv.If you have a solution for this error please tell me,cause ive found this software to be very useful.



And that’s the second thread you started about this software.

Why not ask your questions in the thread started by the creator of the software?

Your message here is a bit light on information. Apparently it worked, and now it doesn’t work. What did you change?

7o9 is right, reporting bugs or problems in video4fuze’s thread would help in keeping the forum cleaner :wink:

About your problem: video4fuze is unable to find a file which it needs. Do you have mencoder.exe in the same folder where video4fuze.exe is? I’ve only seen that error when mencoder.exe wasn’t available.

Some more information would also greatly appreciated: when did this problem start happening? when you upgraded, or it just happened without any apparent reason?

Also, keep in mind that if you have changed video4fuze’s folder to a new location, you have to correct the mencoder command line i advanced> preferences (just click on “Defaults”, and then “Ok”).

I have encountered the same issue I will try to use that. :wink: