2 questions about Sansa Fuze and Media Converter


a few days ago I bought a Sansa Fuze. Now I have two questions about it.

  1. When I plug my Fuze to the PC, I get an error message: “Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b0bf7c 4 75b0bf7c 75b0bf7c”. Why does it appear and how can I solve it, so that this message won’t appear again?

  2. When I try to convert a video with Sansa Media Converter (I have the newest version, 1.0 B004.262CDG, but it’s the German version), it doesn’t convert the video and in the message at the end of the conversion you can see that it has not been finished. It doesn’t matter which format the video has, he won’t convert it. Can someone tell me how to convert a video (The latest Quicktime version is installed)?

P.S. If it is important: My OS is Windows XP Home Edition.

Sorry if the English isn’t very correct, but I’m German.

For video, forget Media Converter and get Video4Fuze.


I Googled your error message and found this:


Thanks for your help, I have tried some solutions from your link and I hope it will work now. I have also installed video4fuze and it’s very easy to handle, much more than Sansa Media Converter. But why do I get two files when I convert a video, one video file and one picture file?