A problem has occurred in obtaining the device's secure clock

I got a Sansa Fuze 8GB today and had hoped to use it with Rhapsody just like my Sansa View.  Although my Sansa View works flawlessly on Rhapsody, whenever I try to transfer files to the Fuze I get this error: “A problem has occurred in obtaining the device’s secure clock.”

I have authorized/reauthorized the device many times.  Reset the Secure clock through Rhapsody many times.  Reformatted the device many times.  Upgraded the Rhapsody client on my PC.  I’m at a loss. 

Has anyone successfully used Rhapsody w/ the Fuze?

Mine works fine with Rhap… have you tried formatting the player through Windows Media Player?

Launch Rhapsody

Plug in your Fuze

Once Fuze is recognized press the Shift and Control buttons and right click on the Fuze

There will be an option to Reset the Secure Clock

This should help

Go Sansa!!

I have tried to reset the clock in Rhapsody using the Shift + Ctrl but I still get the same ‘secure clock’ error.  also tried to format through WMP and it didn’t help.

Perhaps there is a specific order?  Or a way to reload the firmware?

Try using the devices "Format "  command.

Go to Settings> System Settings> Format> Yes. 

Still no luck.  I need some advice beyond the standard format, authorize, etc.  I’ve pretty much tried everything available searching the web and still get the error. 

Not to state the obvious but have you called Tech Support?

One more thing to try, update to the latest firmware 1.01.11 using Sansa Updater. Or you can wait till the firmware is posted on the Forum with its release notes.

I’m having the same problem with my View. I spent an hour on the phone with Rhapsody and Sansa both. Sansa said it was Rhapsody’s problem. Rhapsody sent me a link that said to make the clock on the device and the computer the same. Can anyone help with this??? I’m ready to throw in the towel. (I have 2 Views. One is NOT having this issue.)

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This might work.

Based on the readings on secure clock… This is what I found out.

This issue has something to do with the Y2K bug, since February is just set upto 28. Try to change the date of your computer, and if you have it on your player change it to tomorrow’s date. Example date today is April 28, 2008, change it to April 29, 2008. Format the player and try resyncing your files.

Good luck… =) 

I picked up a new 4gb Fuze last week and I also get the device’s secure clock error:cry:. I tried emailing SanDisk and they sent out a reply with a bunch of things to try. Tried them all and still have the problem with the secure cloc.:angry: I had used my daughters clip before I bought myself the Fuze and it had no problem putting songs on with Rhapsody to go. Anybody found something that works yet?

Well, this thread started out ok, and took a turn for the surreal, but that’s OK (angry poster).

It’s very important that you update your Rhapsody 4 client to the newest build, since the Fuze is addressed in the newest version.  Open Rhapsody, then click “Help” > “Check For Updates”.

Formatting the device is the most basic way to clear the weeds, but the subscription data is best refreshed by the following, from the Rhapsody client.

Open Rhapsody.  The Fuze should be connected, and show up in caps and smalls, WITHOUT a drive letter showing, in the “sources” pane at the upper left.  If there is a drive letter listed before the device, you’re in MSC mode, and the licenses are not accessible.

Right-click on your Sansa, and select “deauthorize”.  Don’t worry, this is a temporary toggle only.  Then, right click, and select “authorize” again.  Now, let’s give your subscription a charge.  Click My Account at the top, then Update Track Licenses.

Now for a little massaging of your Fuze… Right-click on the Fuze, and select “License”.  Yes, this is redundant, since we’ve just reauthorized, but think of it as digital antibiotics.  Rather than going in on this course in bits, let’s cook the whole enchilada, yes?  You will see “device licensed successfully”, and the license end date should be updated in the lower right corner of the R4 screen.

Now for a tickle of the secure clock.  The WMDRM secure clock is a separate function from the date and time we read daily.  Hold [Ctrl] and [Shift] down, while right clicking on the device one last time.  See “reset secure clock” now?  Aha!  Click that selection.  Using Rhapsody gives you manual access to the clock.  Are you listening, Microsoft!

While you’re in Rhapsody, perhaps a few new tracks are in order.  Give the Rhapsody Channels a try, I love 'em to find new music.  To add a Rhapsody Channel, simply click on the tree for the Fuze, and drag a new Channel to the “channels” folder.

Unplug, and try out your Fuze.  Hopefully, no more “update to renew your music subscription” message.

Also, be sure that you have the newest firmware installed.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I would also suggest refreshing windows/microsofts secure clock aquiring (or whatever its called).   alot of rhapsody problems is due to the client having some issues with the computer (I’ve gotten one computer to a point where it doesnt’ even license properly, and the other to license perfectly . … on golden machine and one trash machine. . .).

anyways you can start by uninstalling Rhapsody completely, deleting any trace of rhapsody files from the registry (look this up on google).  then uninstall WMP11 and its run time (please search this on google if you don’t know how either).  You can even go as far as refreshing/reinstalling your OS (do not attempt unless you know what your doing).  Then download WMP11 fresh and install.  Download Rhapsody client fresh and install.

This will not guarantee rhapsody, but it has been the pinnacle of my troubleshooting with rhapsody, and as I said. . . I ended up with a bunch of machines that don’t work properly with Rhapsody, but ONE golden machine, which I dare not touch or change its settings. 

I ran into this problem over the weekend; I had purchased a fuze for my wife on Wednesday of last week, and it worked so well that I decided to get myself one.  I went out and bought the same exact one, but when I hooked it up I got the dreaded secure clock problem.  I found this thread first, but none of the suggestions worked.  I then called Rhapsody, they had me do pretty much the same stuff, and had me reformat several times, but still nothing.  They referred me to Sansa, who had me do most of the same steps.  In the end, Sansa told me my player was defective.  I didn’t trust them, so I just got my money back and decided to give up. 

At the urging of some friends at work, I decided to take Sansa’s advice and get a new unit; this one worked great right out of the box!  So it would appear that the secure clock may be a separate hardware component in the device that can be faulty?  At least that’s what sansa said, and it’s the only thing that I can think of that would explain my experience.

Hope this helps someone out,


I had the same problem and tried everything Sandisk and Rhapsody suggested.  Nothing worked.  So, I exchanged my Fuze for another of the exact same model (8G), and that one worked perfectly, without a hitch, right out of the box.  I think mattlary’s right; Sandisk has some defective hardware problems in their production line. 

Anyway, it was a bit of a pain in the ass, but I’m enjoying my Fuze now.